Managing personal time

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Intended for definition "sinks" of personal time of human and their removal

Pay attention to what you spend your time - family, work, rest, etc.

During the day, we carry a variety of affairs.
Some of us need - sleep, food.
Others we must to do - work.
Third, we want to do - sports, hobbies, walks.

Every affair has its own priority. And different people the same affair could set different priorities. This is because each person has his own purposes and desires. And our affairs are resources to achieve them.

Of course, over time, priorities change, and that's fine. Even more appropriate - is necessary. Necessary because we live in a very dynamic environment. Need to change their priorities so as not to miss the opportunity of a new day.

But until you start to analyze what you do, you cannot understand what you need to spend more time, and at that - less. For such an analysis is ideal visual display: table with lighting, graphics, etc.

As a quantitative value to assign priorities, you can use the figures:
  0 - low priority,
  1 - middle,
  2 - high.
Try to record the time spent on each affair during the day. And at the end of the day add up these times of priority and, most likely, you'll see how much time you spend on high-priority affairs, and how much - for low priority.

So, to start learn how to manage their time. Write a list of affairs that you have done for the day, set up their priorities, and every day try to spend the maximum amount of time on high-priority affairs and the minimum - at low priority.

Keep a notebook (or recorder) and record it in the end time of each affair and a brief description. A couple of times a week enjoy a formalization and analysis of those records. The easiest and most effective method to formalize - make a table for each day about this format:
List of affairs
Then summarize all the affairs during the day by priority:
The sum of affairs time by priority
Determine the average of these indicators for the week, month, etc. For clarity, the values obtained for better visualization, for example, to chart:
Graph of affairs by priority
If you do not find 20-30 minutes a week to carry out such actions, then you urgently need to think about organizing their own affairs. Perhaps you are doing a lot of superfluous.

To perform all these steps, you can use the service Personal time, that minimize the time spent on the formalizing, classification and analysis of personal affairs. To create a list of affairs performed per day, you need only 3-4 minutes. Summary information for the analysis will be formed automatically.

Analyzing these tables and charts, you'll see on what kind of affairs to spend your precious time. Set out to spend on high-priority affairs 20-30% of their time (in an average week or month). For a short time you will learn to shelve low priority (i.e. useless) affair and try to perform first important affair.

And remember the rule of Pareto "20/80" - 20% of affairs generate 80% of the results (and vice versa).

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