Definition of destination

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Helps in definition of personal destination of a person, describes why you need to know it, how to realize it and what kind of consequences would there be.

Do you know the answers to these questions: why was I born, what should I do, which profession should I choose, what kind of memories should I leave with my dear ones and descendants after my death?

If you already have the answers and they inspire you every day, then it means that you know your destination and you just have to realize it. If you do not know your destination, this method will help you identify it and fill your life with meaning, happiness and harmony.

Why is it necessary to know the destination?

Every person as a system, is born (created) with a specific goal, which he must achieve in his short life, develop constantly. Each system, in accordance with the principle of hierarchy, has a super-system. It is the super-system that creates systems, makes them subsystems of its own, and defines their goal by using its consciousness and resources. Man calls it differently - God, Lord of the Universe, fate, etc., but the meaning remains the same:

Super-system is a complex system that has its goal, structure, laws, resources, and consciousness, in which the given system is defined as a subsystem.

In the process of its activities, the system receives information about the surrounding environment, formulates knowledge and acquires new abilities, which are used for interacting with the environment. Such kind of an activity (cognitive and practical) is performed by any given system for development and achieving goals. But this allows acquire and use the information that already exists in the super-system. In process of realization the destination, the system carries out creative activity - creates something new based on the perceived knowledge with the use of acquired abilities. This is the meaning of destination – bringing something new into this world, something that is not present in it yet. And the meaning of life is to constantly development in order to realize the destination.

A person does not immediately get to know his destination, but he can always say which activity gives him pleasure, and which he absolutely dislikes. This is the first level of development - a person learns how to realize the destination. Then the person generalizes these knowledge and begins to set goals in order to develop more specifically and achieve the first success. This is the second level of development – the person gets to know what he must do in order to realize the destination. Finally, the person generalizes his own goals and understands why he is doing it – he defines his own destination.

Some people believe that a person does not have a destination from the beginning, and that he chooses it himself (nihilism). But no matter how one believes, one thing is clear – by understanding the destination and realizing it, life becomes much brighter, richer and meaningful because it helps to set goals, prioritize them, and is the most powerful motivator for achieving them. Since the emotions that appears inside and act as hints help in definition of destination, a question arises: where do these hints come from? Who or what gives them to us?

The method of definition of destination

The first and most important step in definition of destination is a sincere desire to understand it. Only when you have a conscious intention to find a destination, you can move ahead in that direction.

The main step is the materialization of all the emerging answers to the question "What is my true destination?". Find a quiet, tranquil and secluded place to sit. Open a text editor on your computer or take a sheet of paper with a pen. Write down the question first and then absolutely all the answers that occur in the head, even the most absurd and ridiculous.

Be patient: it might take 10 minutes, might take 2 hours. The list of answers can be very long - 50, 100 or even 500 points. This is a good test of your training of self-discipline.

It is very important while writing down the answers to pay attention to the emotions that these answers evoke. When writing and reading the subsequent answer, if you feel a slight compression in your chest or if there is excitement, then this particular answer is close to the final formulation of the destination. Make a tick mark to this answer and consider it for future answers.

Write down the answers for as long until every word in the formulation does not satisfy you and you do not start feeling certain strange but pleasant emotions. It is exactly this answer that should cause such a storm of emotions that tears start rolling. This would mean that the destination has been defined.

In the end, you may have one or several sentences that contain a list of qualities and subject areas. Qualities that one must possess, define a state with optimal efficiency, for example, courageous, wise, strong, fair, etc. Subject areas determine the type of activities in which one needs to engage in creative activities and in which success would be optimal, for example, science, psychology, philosophy, politics, family, business, etc.

It is important to understand the essence of each word in the final formulation. To do so, you can use the encyclopedia of personal development.

The destination from the point of view of a system

In the method What is the personal development or the meaning of life system is described as a combination of signs, which at this point in time have a particular significance - the property. The set of properties of all signs of a system defines its current state.

In the process of develop, the system changes its own state - improves the properties, acquires new useful signs or gets rid of the harmful ones. In order to develop, the system sets certain goals - the new desired states. That is, goal - new significance of signs, their acquisition or disposal.

Destination - the final goal of development of the system, upon achieving of which, it has the most optimal success and efficiency for creative activities in a certain subject area and transformation into a more complex system

Formally, the destination, as a state of the system, can be described by the following diagram: definition of destination

But keep in mind that the destination is not only the state (statics) of the system, but also the development and creative activity (dynamics).

Aspects of a complete life

Knowing the destination helps in identifying other equally important aspects of life, in order to make it more complete, full and happy. These aspects include the principles, worths, vocation, goal of life and mission.

Some of these aspects will not be identified immediately. It only means that the current level of development is inadequate and it is required to continue developing. For once, all the answers would be found. The main thing is not to give up.


These are the rules that are followed on their own in the process of making decisions and performing actions. They help to distinguish the good from the bad, and limit in the capacity of external laws, but the choice to follow them has to be made by oneself.


These are the ideals that are used in the process of prioritization of set goals and affairs in order to determine which ones out of them are important and which are not. The most important goals and affairs are most useful for the development and they need to be performed in the first place.


This is the set of technologies and tools of subject area, which can be used to realize the destination with optimal efficiency. Acting in accordance with the vocation, the process of achieving the goals gives maximum pleasure, the limit of which is passion. And one can work in accordance with the vocation much faster, more efficiently and more successfully than by using other tools and technologies.

Goal of life

This is the final goal of development, which shall make the realization of destination possible, and the rest of the life can be simply spent in enjoying it.


This is a combination of all previous aspects, which defines the plan of abstract actions that must be done in order to realize the destination and achieve the goal of life in accordance with the worths, by using the vocation limited by the principles.

Realization of the destination

definition of destination is quite simple, however, following it throughout the life and realizing it is much more complicated.

In order to realize the destination, first of all, it is necessary to get developed to a certain level that corresponds to the aspects of complete life, i.e. to the state with optimal success and efficiency.

Secondly, it is necessary to do creative activities in the subject area that corresponds to the destination. This means that it is necessary to create something new in this subject area, some kind of an innovation, know-how, which was never there in it before. Perhaps it would be needed to organize a big company with a staff of several thousand people in order to achieve this. The main thing - to be brave and not be afraid of solving problems on the way to the final goal, and to turn these problems into opportunities that will help achieve it.

But perhaps most importantly – to sincerely believe in your own destination and be persistent, brave, decisive and independent in the process of realizing it, and only then you shall get the award - the true happiness and harmony with oneself and the surrounding world.

A personal example

By using this method, I defined my destination in 1 hour and 10 minutes and wrote down about 80 answers to the question "What is my true destination? The end result was as follows:


To be competent, wise, a recognized professional, who helps others in becoming better, stronger, more independent, more successful, healthier and more rational.
To be brave, self-sufficient, independent, decisive, fair, successful, efficient and enterprising owner of my own international company to develop universal tools for the development of people.
To be caring, kind, understanding, loving, courageous and powerful head of the family.


Continuous development; understanding and fairness to all; self-discipline and persistence in achieving goals; decisiveness, independence and taking initiative in making decisions; boldness and courage in carrying out actions; to follow conscience and intuition, caring for the loved ones.


Competence, wisdom, professionalism, independence, success, efficiency, utility, rationality, courage, braveness, justice, kindness, understanding, love, family, relationships


To develop an encyclopedia, methods and services for personal development by using web technologies; to understand and advise people to help them solve problems and find harmony with oneself and the world around them; to care for and protect loved ones.

Goal of life

To create a system of universal tools for the development of people


To continually evolve and become a competent and wise professional.
To help people solve their problems, become better and understand their destination.
To develop universal tools for the development of people and combine them into one system.
To organize a company for developing universal tools of development.
To become a fair, courageous, decisive, successful and effective leader of the team that develops the tools for development.
To make decisions based on conscience, experience and intuition.
To care for the loved ones with understanding.
To courageously protect the loved ones from danger.

The consequences of definition and realizing the destination

By engaging in activities in the subject area corresponding to the destination, the person perceives and processes information much faster than in other subject areas. Application of abilities and execution of actions occurs with optimal efficiency. Abilities are much easier to turn into skills, and then even into competence.

This happens due to innate talents, which are programmed into a man at the time of his birth. While developing them, hints gradually emerge. When a person experiences joy in achieving goals in a particular subject area, it is a signal that he is on the right track.

Some cultures believe that talents - is the experience gained in the previous lives of a man and helps him to continue to develop in a certain direction after the rebirth (reincarnation of the immortal soul). And by realizing the destination, a man improves his soul and prepares it for the next rebirth. The goal of such a process is the creation of a perfect society, similar to heaven. Even the ancient philosophers - Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras, had faith in this belief.

In any case, the definition of destination - is certainly a turning point in the lives of each person, and its realization - the most enjoyable and important process in life.

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