Development of personal resources

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Describes the basic resources for performing affairs, solving problems and achieving goals along with the methods of their development and restoration

Every day a person performs a number of affairs to achieve the goals. To do this he needs a variety of resources: physical strength, knowledge, abilities, finances, time, communication etc. By using the resources, the state of a person gets deteriorated; his effectiveness and success are reduced. To improve the state, it is necessary to restore and develop the personal resources: physical, spiritual, intellectual, financial and social.

Physical resources

These are responsible for the physical state of the person, which is required to perform physical activities and for affecting the environment with optimal efficiency. The following are required for the recovery of these resources:

Healthy food. There are useful and harmful foods. The use of harmful foods in the diet provokes a lot of diseases: obesity, heart attacks and strokes due to high blood cholesterol etc. The use of substances such as salt, sugar, spicy, fatty, fried foods etc. must be minimized; they should be preferably excluded from the diet. There are many methods of healthy eating, but very few people enjoy them.

Giving up bad habits. Smoking, alcohol etc. also pose health problems: lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, heart attacks etc. To ensure good health and longevity one has to give up these habits.

Rest. Working for a long time (12-14 hours per day) leads to fatigue, stress, breakdowns and mental illness. By exerting the body for a long time, diseases of the joints and muscles develop: arthrosis, arthritis etc. To avoid such problems one needs to take regular rest. It is necessary to sleep not for just 3-5 hours a day, a complete 8 hours sleep is required. Rest is divided into passive and active. Passive rest (to lie on the couch, watch TV, read a book …) can restore physical strength. Active rest in the form of leisure (sports, hobbies, walking, travel ...) allows you to recover emotionally. You can make use of the following principle: the best form of rest from work is switching to another work. Switch between jobs with different loads, for example, after going around to different offices for several hours, you can sit at your own desk for a few hours and get indulged in paperwork, sorting mail, writing reports etc.

For development of physical resources, one needs to carry out physical exercises that improve strength, endurance and flexibility of the body. Visiting a gym or hiring an experienced coach is not a prerequisite for this - just work out at home for 20-30 minutes a day. But many people lie to themselves by saying that such exercises are not required to perform basic work, and therefore are useless. But they are very much mistaken, since these things are useful for the health and extend the duration of normal functioning of the body.

By not developing the physical resources, the health would surely get worse, something that significantly reduces success and efficiency. Reduction in life expectancy will lead to the person not managing to realize his destination while he is alive.

Spiritual resources

These determine the motives of person activity, the meaning of existence and its destination. For development of these resources, a person needs to determine the following aspects:

Destination is the final goal of development of the system, upon achievement of which it has the best success and efficiency in creative activity in a certain subject area and its transformation into a more complex system.

Principle is a rule that is included in the model of system and which affects its decisions, prioritization of goals and affairs, the definition of acceptable means of achieving them, and generated reactions.

Worth is a system, element or quality that is most useful for the development of this system.

Vocation is a set of technologies and instruments that used by the system for practical and creative activities in a certain subject area, which allow achieving goals and realizing the destination with optimal efficiency, passion and enthusiasm.

Mission is a plan of action of the system that is necessary for the realization of destination in accordance with the worths, principles and vocation.

To determine these aspects, one must perform practical tasks.

Spiritual resources determine the direction in which the person moves, the vector of personal development, and form its inner core, which he holds every day while making decisions, making plans and setting goals.

Intellectual resources

These are a kind of repository of person experience and a tool for decision-making, which is required for solving problems, performing affairs, making plans, setting and achieving goals. Man is able to do all this due to his unique feature - intelligence (for more information on intelligence, learn the method Generation of useful ideas).

For development of these resources, one requires a conscious, methodical and purposeful acquisition of experience. This occurs in the kindergarten, school, college, university or other educational institutions. But after obtaining a degree, people minimize or completely stop the self-development. The continuous acquisition of experience is required for personal development and implementation of creative activity in order to achieve goal of life and realize the personal destination.

One needs to regularly learn the practical guides, books and magazines on the subject area that matches the personal destination and vocation. This provides new knowledge and inspiration to perform creative activities. The knowledge gained should be used in practice for the acquisition of new abilities and developing them into skills and competencies that allow you to engage in creative activities with optimal efficiency.

It is important to develop the imagination, which allows making models of new objects, something that is required for creative activities. With imagination, one can create something new in the environment and improve it. To train the imagination, you must imagine simple objects first (sphere, cube, pyramid ...) and feelings (heat, cold ...) and then move on to more complex objects (sea, beach, house, smells, tastes ...) and situations (how you went to the ocean, relaxing in the mountains, swimming in the ship ...). Drawing, writing poems or fictional stories and building associative rows also trains the imagination actively. Developed imagination makes any goals and the plan to achieve them more precise and this improves personal success.

Financial resources

When a person achieves the next goal, he gets a certain result that can be exchanged for its universal equivalent - money. It is a kind of mediator and allows exchanging existing results with resources for new goals, which improves the efficiency and success of their achievement. Money alone is not all-important; the economic relationships that allow you to exchange the results with the money and money with the resources are also important. To improve the efficiency of such relationships, there are financial institutions - banks, stock exchanges, markets, investment and insurance companies etc., which groups people together with the results, money and resources into a single space and this greatly speeds up the exchange between the two.

For development the financial resources, it is necessary to continually increase the revenues and capital and reduce expenditures. The difference between revenues and expenditures must be invested to increase the revenue: "capital must generate capital." It is important to at least start with the conversion of percent of revenues into bank deposit. Generate ideas for organizing a new business and increasing the returns from investments.

The presence of developed financial resources makes a person get rid of money problems. He does not need to perform unpleasant work just to get money for food and clothing. He can concentrate on his own personal goals in order to achieve success and realization of his own destination. A person can experience true happiness only in such conditions.

Social resources

A person needs a certain amount of experience in order to achieve goals. If he does not have it, then he can gain his own. But there is another option - to establish social relationships with people who already have these experiences and who would help in dealing with the problem, affair or goal on mutually beneficial terms. By interacting with people, a person increases personal efficiency through mutual aid.

For example, there is a mechanic and an electrician. If the former has a broken TV, and the second - a broken car, they can help each other; the first can repair the car and the second can repair the television, of course, on mutually beneficial terms.

The more a person has relations with different people having different experiences, the more social resources he has for a more successful and effective realization of personal destination.

To establish a long-lasting relationship, it is necessary to imagine them in the form of a bilateral "bank account". When you do something useful for someone else, your "account" in his "bank" is debited with it, and if you did something harmful, it is credited from the "account". Similarly, if this person has done something good for you, then his "account" in your "bank" gets debited, and if he hurt you - it gets credited. So you can imagine that friendship comes when you have, for example, 1 000 dollars in your account, and love - when 1 000 000 dollars. But when the balance in the "account" becomes zero or negative (by taking "loans"), this can lead to the relationship being "frozen" or rupture of relationships.

While establishing a long-lasting relationship, keep in mind that people have different characters, principles, worths, priorities and goals that influence the perception of specific situations and generated reactions. Ignoring these differences in the interaction can cause conflicts and disagreements that lead to the rupture of relationships. To avoid this, you need to find the conditions that suit both parties - to organize symbiosis or in other words - synergy.

But the most effective means for development of social resources are selfless contributions to the world: the creation of something new and improvement of existing ones, to help people in achieving their goals, something that make them happy. All this increases the self-confidence and his feeling of personal safety. The main motive for such a relationship between a man and the world is not recognition, gratitude or reward, but a useful and selfless influence that he exerts on his own surroundings.


The balanced development of all of these resources allows a person to perform affairs with optimal efficiency and achieve goals with optimal success. To achieve such a state, one must continually train self-discipline and this would definitely be rewarded with true happiness and harmony with the surrounding world and with oneself.

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