Classification of personal affairs

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Intended for organizations of affairs of man , when them many

Every day you are doing a lot of affairs (average 20-30). A similar number of affairs are difficult to analyze and make decisions about the need to perform certain affairs. Therefore, to enhance improve of efficiency, you need to expand "on the shelves" Your affairs.

Once you get used to write all pending affairs and begin to analyze them, we need a classification of your affairs. Make a list of groups of your affairs, such as work, leisure, cinema. Groups can be as useful for your progress (for example, my projects, sports) and harmful. Their affairs relates to any groups. For example, a table with a list of affairs put the notes:
Classification of affairs on the list
Then form a summary table of the following groups:
The sum of affairs time by groups
Determine the average of these indicators for the week, month, etc. For clarity, the values obtained for better visualization, for example, to chart:
Graph of affairs of a given group
Select group of affairs that are important to you and that you interfere. Try to spend more time on important affairs and less on those who interfere.

To perform all these steps, you can use the service "Personal time".
You only need to create a list of groups, then indicate that group is useful or harmful and add links (tag) to these groups at affairs. Summary information for the analysis will be formed automatically.

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