The film "The Secret"

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Tells about the secret that helps people become successful

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About the film

In the world, there has always been a mystery that has been kept secret. People wanted to know about it by all possible ways. Only a few great men had known the secret: Da Vinci, Darwin, Beethoven, Einstein, Newton, Napoleon, Lincoln and others.

Thanks to the secret knowledge, these people achieved incredible success, created their own heritage and immortalized their names in history. They fixed the fragments of this secret in their writings, and no one could assemble them together.

Nevertheless, the creators of this film managed to uncover the secret and tell the whole world about it. It is the secret law of attraction: "Any idea can become a reality," or "Like attracts like."

The greatest men of our time talk about the law, which overturned their lives, and its practical use for the materialization of any desire, success, gaining health, wealth, happiness, love and more.

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