Achieving success

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Intended for understanding of success and the acquisition of skills to achieve their goals.Answers the question: What is necessary for success?

Every day we resolve multiple affairs and solve problems to reach desired purposes and to get good results, in other words, to achieve success.

But what is our path to success? How can we reach the set goals and gain great results? What are the conditions for success?

To answer these questions the following notions need to be defined.

A purpose is an ideal or real object to strive for, something toward which one's deliberate efforts are directed (a plan and actions). It is a desired state of a system achieved through its manageable development. The purposes can be final and intermediate.
A result is the consequence of a particular decision, choice, action or event. It is expressed in terms of quantity or quality. The result can be useful (advantage, benefit, value, victory, etc) or harmful (disadvantage, loss, damage, etc).
Success is the achievement of an essential (great) final purpose that results in a useful outcome.

Below are key components needed to achieve success:
The scheme of achieve success First you should set a purpose. The purpose describes the desired result but rather vaguely and unclearly. Then you may express an intention if you have the ability to do this straightaway. An intention is an expectation of a clearly formulated event that is undoubtedly necessary. If you have no ability to state your intention outright, the intellect may generate an idea of how to enhance its abilities to do this. Once this idea is formed and implemented, the intention can be explicitly formulated ("desire must match ability").
Then the intellect generates ideas, makes a decision on how to achieve desired results and develops an action plan for their achievement. Upon successful completion of actions in accordance with the plan, the results will be reached.
Unless all the components of the given scheme work well, success will not be achieved.

For example, you want to buy a car (purpose). If you do not have enough money (ability), you will not try to buy it but you can figure out how to make money on the purchase (idea). As soon as you start thinking of ways to earn money (plan), you set an intention to buy a car. The only thing left to do is to complete your action plan. Once it is completed, you can make a purchase (result)

The purpose, abilities and intellect only depend on you. However, there are also environmental influences on your action plan. The environmental factors may facilitate or hinder purpose achievement. Keep in mind that you do not have to follow your original plan. To reduce negative environmental influences you should constantly look at your environment and adjust plan as necessary. Moreover, to maximize positive environmental impacts you need to create favorable conditions for actions implementation.
The result has an impact on abilities and intellect. Acquiring new knowledge, experience and skills contributes to your personal progress. However, the result can be not only positive but also negative. For example, you may ruin your health or suffer heavy financial losses while trying to achieve your purpose.

There is another way to reach success that comprises three components:




For example, you work as a street sweeper and charge one dollar per square foot. Let us assume that your purpose is to make good money. You may slave away at work for hours every day. This is completely inefficient and wastes a lot of time. A more reasonable approach is to invent a street sweeping machine that will do all the work for you (automation). In this case you will have more free time. You may do some other job in your free time and, thus, get paid two dollars per square foot. Again, to do this job you may use the machine. So you may have an infinite number of jobs

This is a human-centered approach: it is automatic labor that made a human out of a monkey, but not hard labor, as Karl Marx stated. Laziness is an action filter – before starting an affair it is important to think of how to minimize your effort and limit your losses so that you may decide whether this affair is worth all the trouble or not.

To become successful person you need to achieve essential purposes and gain useful results. The key point is setting the proper purposes. Constantly keep adjusting your goals and discourage less important goals in favor of those which are essential to you. Successful people always overcome obstacles and move ahead towards their purposes. They make mistakes but never give up. Such people never boast, either. Boasting has a lot to do with fears and doubts.

Also achieving success helps to define personal destination and understand the meaning of life.

For improve personal success learn the method Using the law of attraction.

In conclusion, to achieve success you need to set an attainable purpose. If you cannot express your intention precisely straight away, you need to enhance your abilities using your intellect. Then you will be able to formulate an intention. After the intention is set, you need to develop and implement an action plan to reach desired results. The essential conditions for success are the essential final purpose and useful results.

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