Using the law of attraction

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Intended for studying the law of attraction, the terms and conditions of its work and the acquisition of skills used every day to achieve success

Some people believe in destiny, while others believe that everything is in their own hands. Both of these ideologies are correct.

By believing in destiny, one "flows with the current" and moves from point A to point B, even if such an event is not desired. However, a human being is capable of changing the "mainstream of life" in exactly that particular direction which he wants by using his/her intellect. The law of attraction is one of the tools which provide such an opportunity:

"Any thought can get materialized" or "Like attracts like"

This implies that whatever a person thinks about, gets pulled like a magnet and soon enough the person will achieve what he/she desired. The law is neutral – it does not distinguish between good or evil; it gives you what you want.

Many great people from different eras in time (Newton, Einstein, Lincoln, Edison, Franklin…) owed their success to one thing – the law of attraction (I recommend you to watch the documentary "The secret").

This law is based upon one main thesis:

A thought of a human being is energy, which is leaked into the surrounding space immediately after its appearance in the head, it has a specific frequency of vibrations and it attracts surrounding energy and matter.

Thoughts can be generated in the conscious mind, foreconscious mind and in the subconscious mind (look at the method Generation of useful ideas). It is very important for thoughts to match in both, the conscious and the subconscious mind. For example, it is wrong to think that "I can do it", but subconsciously perceive oneself to be a "loser not capable of doing it". There are several other compulsory conditions for the law to work.

Conditions for using the law of attraction

It might seem that all this is very simple – I thought about it, I got it. However, it is not. There are a few compulsory conditions for the implementation of this law.

Specification of desire

It is necessary to have a clear image of whatever you desire – goals. For example, one must clearly imagine the desired car, house, airplane, career, wealth, family, degree of higher education, good relationships etc. One cannot just think "I want a lot of money", a specific goal is required, for an example, "I want to earn 10 000 dollars in a month"

Visualization of the goal

One must visualize the image of goal on any external media, for example, in the form of a drawing on a piece of paper (look at the method Materialization of ideas. Mental maps). Brighter and cleaner the drawing, faster will the goal be achieved. However, if the drawing is not very clear, this means that there is no specific perception of the desired result and success would not be achieved. The drawing should be placed in such a place where it falls into the field of vision several times in a day, it is even better to place it in several different places.

Direction towards the goal

One must not just dream and lie on the sofa, waiting for a gift. Instead, it is necessary to work in the direction towards the goal. The more effective the work, faster is achieving of success. This implies that one must not expect to find a suitcase full of money upon going out on the street, it is important to look out for opportunities to earn money. It is then that the opportunities would come up in the most unexpected ways, for an example, you would see an advertisement about an interesting job – a big firm looking for a person for a desired position, a successful businessman offering partnership in his business etc.

Constant focus on the goal

It is wrong to just think about something and wait for it to happen. One must constantly remember, plan and confirm his/her goal. Mendeleev created the table of chemical elements that way – not that he just thought about how to systemize all the chemical elements once, and later came across the table in his dreams; he constantly thought about the table and worked on it – researched, discussed with his colleagues, published research papers… and in one unexpected moment, he tumbled upon an idea about how to group all the chemical elements into one unified system.

Putting in the interest and feelings

One must not think in a "dry, cold" manner about his/her goal, it is important to get involved with it, to think about it as if it was the most essential part of life, desire its completion with the utmost passion, to imagine what kind of emotions and happiness its achievement would give. This significantly increases the energy of thoughts and accelerates the process of attraction of goals.

Positive thinking

One must be confident in thinking that the goal would definitely be achieved and have no doubt about it. If one does not think positively and thinks about the bad things (illness, poverty, losses at work…), even these bad things can get materialized – a thought can attract absolutely everything. It is recommended to ignore the sources of negative information (television broadcasts, radio, negative people…). Remove negative thoughts from the intellect and fill it with only the positive ones. One may also practice the technique of affirmation – to periodically repeat short positive claims, which describe the desired condition. For an example, standing in front of the mirror every morning, one may repeat "today I shall become richer/more successful/better/more kind…, than I was yesterday".


One must be thankful for everything that happens in life: to oneself, close ones, colleagues, God, the universe… It is them who makes the life better and help us in achieving our goals. One can achieve much more than he/she ever desired, if they pay gratitude every day.

Absence of time frames

The desired goal will be achieved when least expected. It is wrong to wait for the law to work in specified time frames. One must wait, satisfy other conditions/terms and the desire would definitely come true.

Management of the law of attraction

The law keeps working at all times for every person. It attracts people, situations, feelings, emotions… However, in most of the cases, it produces results almost without any sense of familiarity, without any management and with a low efficiency. This is because the person does not know it and does not know how to manage it.

By using the law on a daily basis and by satisfying all its necessary conditions/terms, one can increase the level of management and the efficiency of its work. This leads to a conscious effort towards the desired goals, achieving of success, solving problems and the realization of the destination. It is also very important to train self-discipline in order to increase the level of management of the law.

Use the law in order to attract good health, wealth, success, happiness, harmony, love, family... and all your wishes would definitely come true.

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