Prioritization of Personal Goals

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Every day a person does various kinds of affairs and wastes efforts and resources, but not everybody realizes the essence of it. Everything is done to meet his/her own needs and achieve the goals.

Goal is a desirable result and you have to do something to obtain it.

It means that to achieve the goal you need two main components - desire and action.

Desire is material or ideal object that you want to possess, preserve, increase in case of its lack or return in case of its excess. Material desire can be - home, car, boat, etc. Ideal - the knowledge, skills, social status, etc.

Action is use of personal efforts and resources to influence some objects - their change, destruction or creation of new ones.

Having achieved the goal you'll get the result. It can be expected and useful, in this case it's called success, or unexpected and harmful, then it's failure.

Several questions appear - what goals you have to put and which of them you have to achieve first of all to be successful.

To answer the first question you can use the following ways:

- make a question to yourself: what do I want to do? What do I want to be? Where do I want to go? etc.

- imagine that you are on your funerals. What would you like to hear about you from your relatives, friends, colleagues?

To answer the second question you need to organize and make priorities of your personal goals.

Materialize them - make a full list of goals on a sheet of paper, computer variant is even better. For example:

1. buy a house

2. start a new business

3. obtain a higher education

4. make a trip to Africa

Then you have to make priorities of goals and use any method to assort them. The most objective method of making priorities of goals is method of balance arranging. It is based on pair comparison of goals with each other and making notes of results in a table.

Comparison is carried out in the following way: if goal 1 is more important that goal 2, then you put 1 point in cell 1:2, if it's less important - 0 point. If goals are quite equally important, then you can put 0 or 1 point for each of them. Such comparison is carried out for each pair of goals.

After comparison you summarize the points across and define the rank of each goal. The goal with the highest rank has the greatest priority.

For example, for our goals can get a table:

Goal 1 2 3 4 Rank Priority

1 # 0 0 1 1 3

2 1 # 0 1 2 2

3 1 1 # 1 3 1

4 0 0 0 # 0 4

The highest priority has the goal "higher education" and most low-priority - "trip". Of course, each person can get different priorities.

As organizer for planning and prioritization of goals you can use free online-service 'Personal goals'. With the help of it you can quickly make the list of goals and affairs, define their characteristics, make priorities and control their achieving.

Having made priorities of goals, follow universal advice: carry on affairs every day that will help you to achieve high-priority goals and don't distract your attention on less important ones, even if they give you pleasure. Being purposeful and persistent on the way to the most high-priority goals, believe that you'll be more pleased while achieving them.

Blog: Components of successfull person

Author: Марченко Сергей ВладимировичМарченко Сергей

Publish date: 03.08.2012


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