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Created the new section of the site - Community "Personal Development"


Goals of the community:

- Association of people interested in personal development

- Support for those who wish to become successful, effective and independent

- Exchange of experience of personal development among the members

- Motivation of members to improve the effectiveness of personal development


Resources of the community:

Blogs - Personal blogs on the personal development of members

Stories - Stories about personal development, success, problem solving...

Questions-Answers - Questions about personal development with the answers from our experts

Ratings - Ratings of members in various categories

Awards - Description of the possible awards for achievements in the community

Experts - List of experts of the community and a description of the conditions required to become one

All members - List of all members of the community and search by name

Blog: News of the project

Author: Марченко Сергей ВладимировичМарченко Сергей

Publish date: 03.08.2012


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