Use Completed Task Lists As Motivators Or Artwork

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Now here's something a little different than what you might normally hear concerning productivity and task lists. The David constantly states that during the GTD sweep, it's imperative that we throw away our crusty old tasks, projects, and even contexts once they're spent. The guys at Behance have a different idea.

Instead of tossing away your task lists that you've put blood, sweat and tears into, why not put them on display to motivate yourself into action on future projects?

Why not decorate your work space with completed action steps? While we tend to surround ourselves with art and imagery that serves to inspire us in our work, is it more inspiration that we need? Most creative professionals report that they are not short of ideas, but rather the discipline and organization to make them happen. For this reason, consider surrounding yourself with testaments to taking action.

Although I was a bit hesitant when I first read the article, the idea has grown on me somewhat. It does kind of seem like a shame that I can't proudly display what I've been working on as a badge of honor. I can just see myself hanging my best "dones" on the wall, and giving tours with an Australian accent.

"And this little project I bagged on the 14th hour of a Monday in mid-March. What a beaut!"

Or maybe not. But it is fun to think about. How about you guys? How would you display your completed tasks?

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