GTD Cheatsheet – An Intro on the GTD system

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The system created by David Allen in his popular book Getting Things Done focuses on freeing up your mind’s RAM (or resources). The GTD system simply takes all or our mental and physical “stuff” in our lives and organizes it into a system where we can easily:

1) Act on it or

2) Store it and retrieve it later.

The GTD Cheatsheet is a small, condensed version of GTD. In no ways is it a substitute, but a quick reference guide to get you back on track with Getting Things Done (or introduced if you’re never seen it before). Hopefully this mult-part series will help you quickly get your life back to organized. The posts are:

1. The Workflow- the method for organizing what needs to be done next.

2. The Collection- the process of collecting all of the stuff you need organized.

3. Processing your stuff- organizing and processing your stuff.

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