7 Ways to Wake Up in the Morning

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Your method of waking up is the first thing that starts your day. I'm not saying that waking up to an annoying alarm will ruin your day, but it probably isn't going to help anything.


Here are a few ideas for waking up:

  1. Wake up to a CD. Many stereos have a built in alarm clock that will start the CD at a certain time. (This can also be the basis of a nice college dorm prank.)
  2. Wake up to the radio. Most clock radios let you wake up to whatever is being broadcast instead of the normal alarm.
  3. Wake up to light. A simple outlet timer hooked to a bright light can be a great way to wake up because the light will help tell your body that the day is starting. (You might want to set a backup alarm when trying this for the first time.)
  4. Wake up to cool air. In high school I concocted an elaborate mechanism for waking up that I would tinker with each night. One of the more interesting things I tried was hooking up a fan at the bottom of the bed sheets. It would come on and start blowing cool air under the covers.
  5. Wake up to your cell phone. Many cell phones have alarm clocks and the ringing of your cell phone might be much more pleasant than the buzz of your regular alarm clock. You might even be able to set it to vibrate and then just sleep with it under your pillow.
  6. Wake up to coffee. I hate coffee, so waking up every day with the thought “what is that awful smell?” isn't my idea of a good way to wake. However, I'm told other people like to wake up to coffee, so a pot with a timer might be a good option.
  7. Wake up to your iPod. iPods have alarm clock functionality built in. You can set them to play a particular playlist at the appropriate time. I don't recommend sleeping with headphones, but if you have external speakers of some type, this can be a nice way to wake up. One of the advantages of this over a CD player is that the CD player will make a “spin up” noise when it starts, so if you are a light sleeper you may wake up to the spin noise instead of the music. (As a side note the best piece of music to wake up to is the music from the ballet Appalachian Spring. The worst music to wake up to is anything played on a harpsichord.)

So do you have a creative way to wake up? What do you use presently? What things have you tried in the past?

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